Stephen Mauskopf

Managing Partner

Stephen Mauskopf founded Clear Marque after years of leading reputation programs for some of the most accomplished companies and individuals in the world.

To date, some of the clients Stephen has assisted in building favorable reputations include businesspeople, corporate executives, high-profile individuals, Fortune 100 & 500 companies, investment firms, banks, real estate companies, healthcare companies, retail companies, and more. Often working alongside crisis communications and PR firms, Stephen works closely with partners and clients to ensure goals are aligned and successfully achieved.

Prior to entering the reputation management space, Stephen was a business development executive for SEO and SaaS services company RankAbove. Stephen’s diverse and unique background in reputation management, search engine optimization, and business development lends to his understanding of client needs while maintaining a big picture approach.

Stephen personally oversees all client programs and manages strategic partnerships for Clear Marque.

Whether online or offline, your reputation depends on how you're perceived.
However, you have far more control over online perceptions -
and with far more powerful results.

Stephen Mauskopf