People who matter are searching.

Clear Marque is a reputation management firm that helps companies and individuals tell their story online. Shape your reputation with Clear Marque instead of allowing the internet to do it for you.


What people find on search results and Wikipedia has a direct impact on how they perceive your brand. With industry expertise, data driven strategies, and a client-first approach, we improve those results and ensure that you are portrayed accurately and favorably. We work across all industries including Banking, Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Gaming, Real Estate, Entertainment, Sports, Energy and more.
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Establish yourself or company online clearly and positively instead of allowing other platforms to define the brand for you. Audit your digital assets, utilize owned web properties, receive suggested courses of action, and implement together with us.

Digital Crisis

Build a positive reputation that will reduce negative content appearing in search results. Use our tracking and monitoring expertise to detect potential threats and prevent them from harming your reputation.

Reputation & Brand

Shape and monitor your brand reputation with experienced industry experts. Make smart adjustments that result in immediate gains and long-term benefits to ensure your story is presented to the people who matter.


Collaborate with expert Wikipedia editors to create a page, add content, or remove unfavorable content on one of the most influential websites in the world. Monitor Wikipedia pages for changes and receive traffic updates.

Your reputation 
is our reputation.

Our approach to shaping your reputation is based on providing digital platforms with the type of information they want while ensuring it’s portrayed according to your story. Building client relationships based on trust and collaboration equips us with the information to develop your digital brand favorably. Our smart strategies, effective tactics, and sharp execution ensure your digital reputation is built to last and in your control for years to come.
Experience, data, expertise, and innovation are the tools we use to achieve success.